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Separations Separations Separations
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Separations, 2011/2012
24 pages; 15 x 10 cm; colour illustrations
First edition of 20, 2011
Second edition 2012 with eleven prints in solander box
Acquired by:
Tate Library Collection, London
Victoria and Albert Museum, National Art Library, London

Selected ‘The Best Books for 2011’by Elizabeth Tonnard for Photo-eye Magazine
Tonnard writes: ‘A small, restrained book of tiny seascapes. At first they look like watercolors. The beauty lies in the fact that the photos more or less leave behind their representational qualities to become objects on top of the page. These objects are anonymous, empty, they exist in their color.’

Separations was inspired by the vast tracts of water that separate me from my native New Zealand and Britain where I now live. It documents 11 different locations (from the Andaman Sea to the Tasman Sea) that I have visited and recorded through photographs, dates and coordinates over three decades. Printed and bound by Book Works, London


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