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Line Journeys

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Line Journeys
The Line Journey drawings map my passage back and forth between familiar and poignant places. With graphite in one hand against a small piece of paper in the other, intricate networks of lines are made by the shifts of my hand as I walk from place to place, recording movement, duration and distance. See also the photographic works: Mourning Walks, Drift Walks and Ghost Walks.

Mourning Lines, 2005
graphite on paper, 14.8 x 10.5 cm each
Centre for Recent Drawing (C4RD), London (2010)

Mourning Lines were made each morning during one week in June 2005 while walking a one-kilometre return journey along a track between home and the village burial ground in Suffolk. These drawings formed part of a series of work in response to experiencing an immeasurable loss two years earlier.
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