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Thumb Thumb Thumb
Thumb Thumb Thumb
ARC: I Draw For You, 2010
one-hour Drawn Together collaborative performance with
audience participation; graphite, light, sound, paper
The Centre for Drawing Project Space, London

During this collaborative residency, Drawn Together (MaryClare Foá, Jane Grisewood, Birgitta Hosea and Carali McCall) presented ARC: I Draw for You, exploring vision and touch, light and sound, duration and mapping. The performance was generated by instructions for drawings (transmitted by hand-written notes, phone, SMS, email and Skype), which were laid face down on the floor for the performers to pick up and action on the wall. ARC (Action Relay Collaboration) developed from their project for Joined Up, a contemporary collaborative drawing exhibition in 2009, where they followed a series of rules in the Surrealist's tradition of 'Exquisite Corpse'. 

Photos: Nick Manser
view Drawn Together / Studio International


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