Jane Grisewood Artist

photographs, film & video

The Eyes of Argus

The Eyes of Argus, 2016
75 x 100 cm, giclée b&w print on Dibond
Curated by Vanya Balogh
Big Deal No7 Space @ Q-Park 39, Soho, London

Exhibiting The Eyes of Argus photograph of the Submillimeter Array (SMA) taken on Mauna Kea, Hawaii (2015). A multimedia group exhibition occupied a multi-storey underground car park in Soho. Artlyst describes it as an amalgamation of imaginary ideas and processes related and created as a response to the genre of science fiction, featuring sculpture, photography, painting, film, video and audio installations by some100 international artists and guest students from the RCA.

> photographs, film & video

Empire II
The Eyes of Argus
Dancing with Sirius
The Transit of Mercury
Time Machines
Double Vision
Black Light: Eclipse
The Dark and the Light
Mourning Lines
Liminal Landscapes
There Not There
Once Upon A Time
Shroud: Black/White
Walks (Drift; Ghost; Mourning)