Jane Grisewood Artist

photographs, film & video


Thumb Thumb Thumb
Resurfacing I-IV, 2011
A series of 4 video works, each 101 seconds duration
Project 101 at The Lab Gallery, New York, curated by Sophie Loss

Resurfacing was part of an installation of 101 individual videos by 40 artists screened on an array of monitors positioned throughout the gallery. The films are silent with a duration of 101 seconds (1′41″). Resurfacing I–III trace my passage through the city streets with hand-held camera recording my movement.

> photographs, film & video

Empire II
The Eyes of Argus
Dancing with Sirius
The Transit of Mercury
Time Machines
Double Vision
Black Light: Eclipse
The Dark and the Light
Mourning Lines
Liminal Landscapes
There Not There
Once Upon A Time
Shroud: Black/White
Walks (Drift; Ghost; Mourning)