Jane Grisewood Artist


Visualising Time

Drawing for me returns to its primitive origins – a scratch, a track, a footprint made with the body as a tool for marking presence. I am preoccupied with the line as mark, as an abstract sign and the trace that remains. My primary concern is ‘to’ mark and ‘to’ draw – doing, rather than being, where I am using the line as a vehicle, an extension of my body, to denote time and temporal presence, and to explore aspects of duration and memory. Operating between two-dimensional and three-dimensional spaces, the lines can be visible: as the graphite or ink in the Marking Time series; the charcoal in Line Dialogues; the ash or string in certain walks, or the photograph in others; or they can be invisible: simply marking the surface with my feet or the sounds of my breathing as I journey through a place. In each example, the line is drawn through time travelling across a space, whether on paper, sand, or paving – all resulting from the act of doing. Each drawing is a record of performance and the passage of time, where I attempt to express a position of presence and absence: being there and yet not physically there.

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