Jane Grisewood Artist


Academic Research
PhD (fine art/practice-based)

Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London, 2010
Director of Studies: Joanna Greenhill
Supervisor: Professor Anne Tallentire
Examiners: Professor Irit Rogoff, Professor Paul Coldwell; Chair: Professor Oriana Baddeley. Additional advisers: Professor Mark Nash, Dr Giovanna Morra.

MARKING TIME: investigating drawing as a performative process for recording temporal presence and recalling memory through the line, the fold and repetition

This research seeks to identify drawing as an alternative exemplar for investigating memory and temporal presence, while determining its potential as a performative tool for negotiation and transformation, through the line, fold and repetition. The aim is to position drawing in the dynamics of movement, using the journey as a trope and the physical act of repeating the line to evoke memory and disrupt concepts of linear, orderly time. The focus is not on what the line is but what it can do or be, where drawing is predicated on touch and derived from thought and memory, rather than appearance or observation. The condition of ‘seeing’ is not a prerequisite; drawing exists with and without seeing. It resides in a gap between, where time itself unfolds and things are forgotten as well as remembered, liminal and open-ended. Inside the studio and outdoors in the landscape, moving between familiar yet changed places, I mark and record the paradoxical experience of time, its flows and ruptures. Inspired and informed by Gilles Deleuze’s notion of ‘becoming’ as a fluid in-between, and his reading of memory through Henri Bergson and Marcel Proust, provided the context for examining drawing’s memorial potency along a past-present-future continuum.


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